About ConvertWith

ConvertWith is a Conversion Rate Optimization blog.


Three ways ConvertWith helps:

  • Coverage of the leading conversion optimization software on the market;
  • Coverage of the leading conversion optimization tools on the market; and
  • Training on how to use the leading conversion optimization software and tools on the market to achieve optimal results.

The ConvertWith blog achieves this by delivering actionable optimization strategies and techniques backed by the latest research and data-driven case studies both on the blog and to email subscribers via the ConvertWith mailing list.

What’s the ConvertWith blog about?

The ConvertWith blog was created to help educate anybody interested in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and learning about how to implement CRO strategies and techniques to increase conversions.

ConvertWith sells no Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products of our own, we use various CRO techniques to demonstrate how we increase conversions to grow our email list and increase referrals to products and services we recommend.

The ConvertWith blog earns an income through referral fees paid by some companies we are affiliated with which simply means that if we were to recommend low-quality products and services we wouldn’t earn a single dime.

We only recommend premium SaaS products and endorse premium CRO services because our business-model is dependent on providing our readers and subscribers with information and recommendations that provide genuine value.

Please read our full affiliate disclaimer for more information.

How can ConvertWith help increase conversions?

Our primary goal is to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) for the ongoing SaaS costs and CRO service costs associated with maintaining an ongoing and effective CRO campaign.

It is absolutely futile to your CRO efforts to pay thousands of dollars annually for inferior products and services that don’t perform or could be spent elsewhere on alternative products and services where the price differential is justified because of the higher ROI they provide.

The ConvertWith approach is simple:

find what works best, share that knowledge.

The ConvertWith blog advises on:

  • what products and services you should be using;
  • why you should be using a given product or service; and
  • how to best use those products and services to maximize their value.

The ConvertWith approach is sound:

even the best software and tools in the world are of limited value if you don’t know how to best utilize them.

Who is the founder of the blog?

Hi, I’m Matt James the Crash Test Dummy of Conversion Rate Optimization and founder of ConvertWith.com

I am from Australia and currently live in the nation’s capital in Canberra.

I’m an entrepreneur, digital marketing connoisseur, conversion optimization geek, part-time gamer, sci-fi nerd, and post-grad university student studying graphic design and communication in advertising.

I’m an internet marketer with a life-long fascination with online marketing, search engine optimization, performance marketing, and a keen eye on the ever-changing digital landscape.

I created this blog about conversion optimization because I wanted a place to document my experiences with list building, building landing pages and sales funnels, the software and tools I use, and the things I do to optimize conversions.

My goal is to find what works best and to share that knowledge with subscribers of the blog. If you’re interested in things like growing your email list, increasing your membership base or making more sales – please join me.

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* Please note that this page may contain affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase a product listed here please be aware that ConvertWith may receive a referral commission at no extra cost to you. Referral commissions are paid by individual companies as a reward for sending through new business. Please read our full affiliate disclaimer for more information.